Matcha Powder (for use with Moisture Gel Mask)

Matcha Powder (for use with Moisture Gel Mask)

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Matcha and Green Tea are regularly confused as they are from the same plant to create teas. However Matcha has a very different process in creating the fine powder used for Japanese tea ceremonies and known to have different effects on the skin as an anti-oxidant.

The key difference in the preparations of Matcha is based on the Theanine that is protected in the matcha in comparison to normal green tea procedures.

During their growth, the young tea leaf shoots, the source of matcha, are covered in order to be protected against UV, and thus preventing the decrease of theanine, an amino acid.

A combination of vitamins, tannins and caffeine contribute to Matcha being considered a superfood.

The EN Matcha powder, adapted for use on the skin brings many benefits that help with age related skincare. Theanine protects against dryness coming from UV rays and can help contribute to a brighter complexion.

As the Matcha has a light green color, we recommend this powder to be used on the skin with a mask that can we gently wiped or washed off.



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