Hinoki Essential Oil

Hinoki Essential Oil

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The refreshing scent of cypress gives you the impression of being in the heart of a forest. Cypress wood is a raw material that is easy to process, to store and is known for its durability.

lt has been used since ancient times for the construction of shrines and temples in Japan. Its durability is owed in part to the terpenes contained in the wood and that which gives the Cypress its woody scent.

ln fact, terpenes act as antibacterial agents and insect repellent and without them there would be vermin eating away at the temples. Terpenes are also used to soothe and relax, much like the feeling of taking in fresh forest air.

This oil soothes the mind and body enabling you to reach a greater degree of serenity.


Scientific name : Chamaecyparis obtusa
Extracted from : Xylem
Extraction method : Steam distillation
Country of origin : Japan



* Take care when using essential oils and use them only in moderation. Essential oils can be very strong. Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, if you fear there are people with epilepsy that could be affected, or if there is someone with hypersensitivity or with hormone dependent cancers, and more generally those with pre-existing health complications (e.g. respiratory issues). Consult with our experts and always dilute before skin application if the oil allows for such use. Essential oils should NEVER be applied near the eyes, or in vicinity of the eye contour area, or in the vicinity of any of the human mucous membranes. May cause skin irritation. Only for external use.