Rejuvenate your skin with Vitamin C: The EN "VC-20 Vitamin C derivative essence"

Vitamin C is a very popular skincare ingredient that is used in skincare products for various benefits against signs of aging, hydration, and brightening the complexion of the skin.

The EN Salon VC-20 and VC-6 are available as the Vitamin C variants with different types of effectiveness on the skin.

If you are looking for a type of vitamin C that has more moisturizing effect in comparison to the VC-6, VC-20 may be the one for you.

It does have a lower price than the VC-6 but has an enhanced 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate with a stronger lasting effect especially in preventing the production of melanin for a brighter complexion.

VC-6 variation of our product is known for being more easily absorbed by the skin, so many of our customers alternate between the two depending on the condition of their skin.

The ability for the VC-20 to be both oil/water soluble allows for it to be absorbed into the skin with easy and deliver the effects of the Vitamin C to the skin with lasting effects.

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---In French Below---

Bienfaits : resserrement des pores, unification du teint, éclaircissement de la peau

et atténuation des taches pigmentaires

Cette vitamine VC-20 est la plus concentrée de toute notre gamme de vitamines C. Elle est recommandée pour toute personne attendant des résultats efficaces.

Un dérivé de vitamine est une vitamine dont le corps se dégrade plus lentement. Ayant des propriétés aussi bien hydrosolubles que liposolubles, il pénètre plus facilement dans la peau pour y apporter ses ingrédients actifs.